Quality of Service


Quality of services and execution in exceeding customer expectations, along with a unified company offering, remained unmet in our industry. We believe in personalized customer service, the dynamic human element, can serve as our foremost value. Our core values being reliable, flexible & trust worthy. We represent the entire transportation industry and will leverage any offering available to achieve our mandate of "Exceeding Expectations". As we continue in our tireless pursuit of excellence, the NAFS model continues to remain and shall be dynamic - adjusting to the ever changing requirements in the supply chain while never losing sight of our core values and foundational principles.

The NAFS business model has been framed and fashioned to meet the customer, where they are and address their needs, which reflects our commitment to be anywhere, do anything, at anytime. In doing so, each of our staff and operator is empowered to fulfill the customer expectations and exceed them; with as few layers as possible requiring management approval. The end result, and only acceptable desired outcome, is execution, performance and customer satisfaction in; quality of service, competitive pricing and value added services.

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